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Opening Times:
Daily between
12.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.

mo-th between
2.30 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.
no hot meals

Until 18.03.2018 we are open until 18:00 on Sundays.

Our Specialities

liver of beef

Grilled liver of beef with onions & apples, gravy, green beans & mashed potato


   » € 13,50 €
German sausage - daily card -

German sausage with onions sauce, sauerkraut & mashed potato

We will served it up to 27.12.2017.

   » 9,90 €
Lübecker pickled knuckle of pork
  with sauerkraut, pea purée, bacon sauce

   » 13,90 €
Martin's goose, start November

Country bread & goose dripping

For 4 people

1 Holsteiner goose / 3.8 kg

Carved at the table

with 'Holsteiner' stuffing, gravy, red cabbage, small potatoe dumplings and parsley potatoes

   » € 118,00pro Gans €
Whole goose

Home-made goose dripping with ciabatta bread *** Goose freshly made from the over and carved at the table with Lübecker stuffing, gravy, red cabbage, potatoe dumplings and parsley potatoes, dripping to take home ! € 118.00 per goose

You must order 5 days before !

   » 118,00 €
Ratskeller's 'Labskaus'

Typically North German !!

Original Seaman's Labskaus

with a rollmop, two fried eggs and a pickled side-dish

   » 12,90 €
Spare rib lübeck style

'Lübecker National' (spare/high pork ribs)

Thick ribs with caraway sauce, prunes

and a potatoe-swede-carrots vegetable combination

   » 12,90 €
Northern fish platter

Fillet of matjes, gravlax, sour herring

dill sour cream fried potatoes

We will serve it in january.

   » 17,50 €
Lübecker specialities 1/2 duck

1/2 Lübecker duck (fried duck 'Ratskeller style')

with a Lübecker house stuffing

a Grand Marnier sauce - flambéed on request -

with red cabbage and small potatoe balls

   » 19,90 €
Lübecker Hanseatic cuisine - new to the Ratskeller - up to 30 persons


The highly noble consumers get together for the binge. Before one begins with the delicacies, however, the taster shows his authority, the cleric breaks the bread and says the daily prayer and the cupbearer takes care of drinks for every guest. The majordomo (major of the palace) informs about ancient times and the ballad-singer begins to play...


Devils on horseback, matjes snacks in a curry egg tomato sauce, goat's cheese baked in a honey and orange sauce, gravlax, herb sour cream and potatoe fritter corners, pearl onions, capers, beetroot, pickled gurkins, shallots, her and honey salty bread and serano ham.

A joy that shall suprise your heart and soul awaits you here. Below the watching eye of the 'Köstenkieker' (minister), the main course is consequently presented and the hour comes for the great Aufschneider (xxxxxxxxxx). Eine Herz und Seele erfreuende Überraschung harrt ihrer. Unter den wachsamen Augen des Köstenkieckers wird anschließend der Hauptgang präsentiert und dann schlägt die Stunde des großen Aufschneiders. The cupbearer then pours the Lübecker Rotspon ...

Main course

Whole roast ham with sauce, mixed vegetables and frie potatoes

To digest this generous meal, the majordomo opens its secret gates in the 'Brautgemach' and the cupbearer pours a herb elixir. Even if gluttony was one of the seven deadly sins, in the Hanseatic cities it counted that moderate eating should if possible be avoided at a binge. So, for this reason one should definately not miss out on a dessert of real Lübecker marzipan...



Cheese and grapes


   » 36,50 € inkl. Begrüßungstrunk €
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